The Heat Index - Episode 4 - Origin Stories

How did we get started working on the weather and working in libraries? Listen to find out!

The Heat Index - Episode 3 - The Federal Government Shutdown, Part 2

In the last episode we talked to Krizia, a meteorologist working without pay during the partial federal government shutdown. This time, we talk to Jake, a contractor working in a federal library who has been furloughed.

Thanks to users SiobhanD, Vidian, mwic, and airtone on Dig CC Mixter for uploading the copyright-free music we used in interludes. Also thanks to Janko Ferlic for the photo from Pexels.

The Heat Index - Episode 2 - The Federal Government Shutdown, Part 1

The current partial federal government shutdown is affecting hundreds of thousands of workers, including meteorologists and librarians. In this episode, we interview Krizia, a meteorologist currently working without pay, and we discuss how the federal government impacts everyone. Background music in this episode comes from Dig CC Mixter users Lancefield, NiGiD, onlymeith, Quarkstar, and septahelix.

The Heat Index - Episode 1 - Cloud Physics 2

In this first episode, we talk about common misconceptions people have of what librarians and meteorologists do. This includes descriptions of our typical work days, children's events in libraries, the reliability of weather forecasts, and bad media takes on libraries and millennials.